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M-22 VOYAGER - (c) Magni


The M22 Voyager, based on the popular the M16 model, is the ideal easy-to-fly and stable gyroplane for those pilots who enjoy long flights in absolute safety.
M-16 TANDEM TRAINER - (c) Magni


The M16 Tandem Trainer has been noticeably upgraded in comparison to model 2000.
M-24 ORION - (c) Magni


The M24 Orion is a fully enclosed, side by side two seat, dual control model specially designed for those who do not want to go without comfort, even when having fun.
Magni M-14 Scout - (c) Magni


The M14 Scout, a compact and charming gyroplane, offers pilots great fun and exceptional performance.

Magni Gyro Srl company has been created thanks to rotating wing passion and knowledge of Mr. Vittorio Magni. Nowadays the company has an important role in the gyro-world and its products are  worldwide famous for reliability and safety standards.

Magni Gyro planes are exported to all the continents and  used not only for sport and leisure flights but also for  more specific and challenging tasks.

The technical and constructive characteristics of these gyroplanes make them very versatile, easy to use and operative at low-cost; all very attractive characteristics even for professional use.

The gyroplaneis an enjoyable, safe and easy to use rotorcraft. Turbulences have almost no effect on it, easy handled, very manoeuvrable in the air  it can take-off and land on very short strips. It operates at very low speeds without the risk of stalling but it offers  a very good cruise speed too. All this sums up to a pleasant, versatile and satisfactory aircraft, adequate for all those people interested in unforgettable flight experiences.

Currently Magni Gyro has a range of five models with different characteristics and functionalities. Furthermore, thanks to the close cooperation with training centres, Magni Gyro organizes personalized training to grant his customers the theoretical and practical knowledge for the safe operation of the gyroplane.



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